Eddie Ates

“Facts are formed by data, which guides an objective perspective. Through data, in all its manifestations, we can paint a picture about the intersections between business and science, in order to uncover how we can drive progress.”


Eddie has a grip on the effects of globalisation through a business, political, legal, and philosophical lens. With a background and keen understanding in analysing local economic and policy landscapes, Eddie values the relationship between local conditions and their global impact. Eddie regards the homogeneity of local and global business, government, and economic sectors, as the main driver of progress.

Hungry to learn and drive growth, Eddie is an adaptable research and policy generalist, who has an understanding of how businesses interact and are driven. Eddie holds a Bachelor of Global Studies (International Studies and Legal Studies | International Law) from UTS.

Eddie has formed an understanding of the value of targeted research, and how this can be applied to drive business growth and outcomes for clients.

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