Anthony Hourigan has been invited to present a keynote address at the AANA Conference. He has been asked to address the topic of ELEVATING THE MARKETING PROFESSION.

His speech will address WHY it is time to elevate the Marketing profession and in particular WHY ten drivers of change mean that it is time for our tribe to step up.

He will also discuss HOW Marketers can elevate their careers and HOW to become a CREATIVE LEADER.

The full transcript will be loaded here shortly after the keynote address is presented.

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Drivers of Change

Business has been turned upside down by technology. Companies in every sector are looking for transformational change; and for the talent, leaders and teams to deliver it.

This is the era of Creative Leadership, and these are the drivers of change Creative Leaders have to master: VIEW VIDEO

join us in a conversation about creative leadership

Marketing Weekly and Econsultancy recently published a Manifesto for Modern Marketing which we thought rang true and is worth a read.

In summary the Modern Marketer
• Should sit at the board table and help set the strategy.
• Must be commercial, which means knowing the P&L backwards.
• Improves the customer experience through the power of great design.
• Works across the entire business and collaborates with other functions.
• Leads the building of strong authentic brands, with full transparency.
• Embraces data as exciting, valuable and empowering.
• Understands how to personalize the customer experience.
• Will have increasing ownership of technology within the business.
• Has the passion, creativity and craftsmanship of the right brain just as much as the analysis and logic of the left brain.
• Creates content as a vital expression of the brand.
• Knows that social needs to become the DNA of their business.
• Is accountable, ethical, customer-focused, agile, collaborative, innovative, brave and passionate.

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join us in a conversation about creative leadership

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