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Sitting in the auditorium for the 2023 Gandhi Oration at UNSW on the 30th January 2022, we were honoured to hear from the Co-Chairs of the Uluru Dialogues, Professor Megan Davis and Aunty Pat Anderson who are leading the campaign for the referendum to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament. They spoke with clarity, intelligence and passion about the need to rise above the misinformation, the politics and the uncertainty that surrounds the Uluru Statement.

Professor Megan Davis spoke about how constitutions are about principles and it’s the principle this country will be voting on in the referendum. She said, “it’s our chance to say YES to the core principle to be enshrined, the key principle of the voice is communities will speak for themselves, and it’s up to communities to decide who’s voices will represent them and not be handpicked people by government”.

Aunty Pat Anderson was very clear that “This is a big job and this is the best chance we’ve got for real structural reform…this is the last throw of the dice the last chance as a nation…it’s going to take maturity the time is now…who we are…who we stand for, this is the time!’’

The need for change is urgent & the power sits with us all. 

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