Delivering business transformation across industries worldwide.

The immense challenges the world and business face today demands leaders who understand that massive disruption is an opportunity. We represent the leaders and the companies who are embracing this New World.

We access talent and complete projects globally, from London to New York, San Francisco to Tokyo, Auckland to Singapore.

Meet our team

Anthony Hourigan

“Progress has always been driven by those leaders who harnessed the power of creativity.”

Monique D’Arcy-Irvine

“We look for people who are able to connect the dots no one else can see, as they are the ones generating new solutions.”

Karen Taylor

“Delivering results in times of such exponential change and uncertainty requires consistent sage decision making.”

Wayne McPhee

“The ability to design operations for speed and flexibility is key to position the organisation for success.”

Kate Ferguson

“We’ve assisted many organisations to become customer-centric, creating their capability to build strong customer relationships.”

Emma Burns

“The most effective leaders have in common a drive to solve problems and create progress.”

Jo Trapnell

“Creative people are better able to live with uncertainty because they can adapt their thinking to allow for the unknown.”

Skye Lockhart

“Creative leadership is a powerful strategy for organisations looking to accelerate their impact and bring about lasting societal change.”

Bel Hissey

“In an increasingly complex world, the key to cut through is always identifying the best talent who have a natural ability to solve problems in simple and creative ways.”

Madi Gulliver

“With the explosion of data now available, drawing useful insights becomes part science, part art.”

Karen Halleday

“Our team’s creativity and varied experience allows us to uncover the outliers; those authentic, agile and diverse leaders that embrace this new era of leadership.”

Eddie Ates

“Facts are formed by data, which guides an objective perspective. Through data, in all its manifestations, we can paint a picture about the intersections between business and science, in order to uncover how we can drive progress.”

Vinh Lemaniak

“The information age has caused information overload, the key is to use digital to entertain, to inform, and ultimately to connect.”

Savannah Brown

“Savannah sees the bigger picture around relationships and plays a pivotal role connecting them.”

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Suite 67, 26-32 Pirrama Road,
Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia


+61 2 9571 7111

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