Anthony Hourigan

“Progress has always been driven by those leaders who harnessed the power of creativity.”


Anthony has always believed in the power of the individual to change the world. As a keen historian, he talks at great length about those who have made all the difference. These game changers have come from all walks of life. Sometimes the most understated have made the biggest impact. More than often it’s the outlier. It always takes passion. They are brave, astute and see the world for what it could be. The thing they all have in common is their ability to harness the power of creativity.
Anthony founded Hourigan International to find these individuals and put them in positions where they can unleash their full potential and shape the future. 20 years on, Hourigan International is playing a significant role in helping businesses to transform their operations and their impact. Anthony has been a mentor to countless leaders. His network is impressive. There really isn’t anyone he doesn’t know, or indeed cannot reach.
Anthony commenced his career working alongside the best in the Advertising industry, where he gained tremendous insight into the power of ideas, storytelling and the human condition. Anthony obtained a BA in Applied Communications. His interests include politics, history, the arts, and fighting against injustice and inequality in all its forms. He is passionate about education and exploring how the school curriculum can engender the principles of Creative Leadership, with the hope that the next generation can drive even greater progress.

Anthony is a keen longboard surfer who loves riding the waves of Malibu and Wategos.

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