Monique D’Arcy-Irvine

“We look for people who are able to connect the dots no one else can see, as they are the ones generating new solutions.”


Monique believes that the most valuable currency is ideas. New solutions. That the interesting, game-changing ideas come when people with diverse experiences collaborate. That people with curiosity and a broad range of influences are often able to connect the dots no one else can see, and that this is the true competitive advantage.

When hiring, the biggest challenge most people face is the strong tendency to hire people who are like themselves. Monique founded Hourigan International to challenge this convention and offer a unique approach. She led the development of an assessment methodology which identifies Creative Leadership and has spent 20 years championing these leaders as well as giving clients the confidence to hire leaders who drive real progress.

Before starting Hourigan International, Monique enjoyed a senior Marketing and Sales career. It’s no wonder she is such a strong proponent of diversity given she changed industries and countries many times. Beginning her career in FMCG, moving to French Cosmetics firm Bourjois-Chanel, working in Australia and NZ for retailer OPSM and then joining IBM working In Japan, China, South Korea and USA. Monique was born in Zambia and raised in Holland, Britain and the Middle East.

Monique has a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters in Business. She has studied philosophy for the past eight years and is currently writing a book encouraging people to live their largest life.

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