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Hourigan International is extremely proud to have recently placed Dr Julie Robidart as the new Head of Research, OceanOmics as part of Minderoo Foundation.
The ocean is in the midst of a biodiversity crisis. Minderoo Foundation, through their OceanOmics program, are revolutionising marine conservation by unravelling the ocean genome and building a world-class integrated ocean monitoring platform to inform decision-making in ocean resource and ecosystem management.

Deploying a range of advanced molecular and genomics techniques that will be adapted or developed to monitor the planet’s oceans by sampling individual whole cells and genetic material from a range of marine habitats. High-throughput genomic analyses and bioinformatics will be used to identify and protect threatened species and important ecosystems at unprecedented speed and scale. 
Dr Robidart has a PhD in Marine Biology from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She was previously Group Head Ocean Technology and Engineering at National Oceanography Centre  in Southampton, UK.